Our tablet comparison chart shows you the most important data of the latest tablet available. You can sort the columns by clicking on their headings, which is chronological by default. Clicking on the name of the tablet will lead you to a review of that device.

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Tablet PCRatingReleaseOSInchResolutionPPICPUGHzRAMStorage
Nvidia Shield K-14.42015-11Android x 1200280Tegra K12.22.0016
Google Pixel C5.02015-10Android 6.010.22560 x 1800308Tegra X11.73.0032, 64
Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch4.92015-10Android x 1080120Exynos 75801.62.0032
Micorsoft Surface Pro 44.02015-10Windows 1012.32736 x 182267Intel Core i5/i7/M2.44.00128,256,1TB
NeuTab N7S Pro4.92015-10Android 5.17.01024x600300iMAPx151.28
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro4.42015-09Android 5.18.01280 x 8001891280 x 8002.242.0032
Apple iPad Mini 45.02015-09iOS 97.92048 x 1536226Apple A81.502.0016,64,128
Pipo x9 Dual OS Tablet5.02015-09Win 10 / Android 4.48.91920 x 1200254Intel Atom Z3736F2.162.0064
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.04.62015-09Android 5.08.01536 x 2048320Exynos 71.903.0032, 64
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.74.62015-09Android 5.09.71536 x 204264Exynos 71.903.0032, 64