The Apple iPad Mini 4: An Upgrade We’ve All Been Waiting For

Let’s face it: We’ve all seen some updates from Apple that were less than amazing. Even in the iPad Mini department. The iPad Mini 3 is a perfect example of this claim. The Mini 3 was, unfortunately, little more than your standard 2013 iPad on a smaller screen and with a few extra buttons.

This year, things are different. The Apple iPad Mini 4 was the star of the show during its unveiling and remained the star of the Apple line of products after its release.

If you avoided purchasing the Mini 3 because it lacked valuable upgrades, then you’ll love the Mini 4 even more. It’s here to remind you why you fell in love with the Mini series of tablets in the first place.

The internal chips can keep up with the bigger models, yet it’s small enough to easily travel with you anywhere. There have been a few minor complaints about the Apple iPad Mini 4, but nothing serious enough to justify not making the purchase.

Competing With The iPad Air.

Of course, both products are released by the same company so they aren’t really competing. However, as a consumer, you might be trying to make a choice between one or the other. The iPad Air received a lot of big upgrades last year and it was clearly their flagship model. This year, more focus has been put on improving the iPad Mini (likely because of the public reaction to last year’s fiasco). For whatever reason, the new Mini 4 is just as good as the Air in many ways and even better in others.

Smaller Than Ever Before.

Some of the fan favorite design choices of the Air are more visible in this year’s Mini release. On the outside, it’s still as sleek and stylish as it has ever been. It’s actually weighs slightly less than Apple iPad mini 4it did last year, which is surprising when you consider everything that’s on the inside. The iPad Air itself was extremely light, but it might as well be a bag of bricks compared to the Apple iPad Mini 4.

Not only is it lighter this year, but it’s slightly thinner as well. The differences in this regard aren’t extreme, but when you’re marketing a line of products based on how light, thin, and portable they are, every little bit counts. The new Mini has seen some improvements beyond just its size.

A Change In Processing Power.

While the Mini does share many similarities with the Air, it took a different route in terms of processing power. Instead of utilizing theĀ  newA8X that is inside the Air, it has instead taken advantage of the proven technology of the A8. If you have an iPhone 6, then you’ve already experienced the processing power of the A8 chip firsthand and it’s more than enough for even the toughest critics.

Of course, they put a little more inside to give it an edge over the iPhone 6. The iPhone features an A8 paired with 1GB of RAM, but the Mini 4 has upgraded that number to 2GB of RAM. The extra RAM gives it a nice performance boost and allows it to stand out from its counterpart.

Looks Good Everywhere.

The body isn’t the only thing that looks good on the Apple iPad Mini 4. The screen real estate is utilized extremely well. There’s only 7.9 inches of screen space, but each inch has a total of 326 pixels, which surpasses that of the Air 2. Every video, game, and picture you view on the Mini 4 looks crisp, realistic, and beautiful.

Is It A Worthy Upgrade?

Absolutely. Whether you have the Mini 3 or stuck with the Mini 2, this newest release is worth every penny. They have multiple options available, ranging from 16GB up to 128GB. You can fit the new Mini 4 on your shopping list this holiday season no matter what your budget is.

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