Apple iPad Pro Review

The Apple iPad Pro is the latest mobile device by Apple that is causing quite a buzz on the market today. The hardware design of the iPad Pro centers around its 12.9-inch screen. It dwarfs the current 9.7-inch iPad Air 2, and looks like a device that could be used for some serious work.

Apple iPad Pro Specs

The Pro is 8.7-inch wide as well as 12-inch high and is extremely thin at 0.27-inches. The device weighs at 1.57lbs. Even though you may be able to still pick it up with one hand, it is much more comfortable when held in both hands. The device can be rested on your lap or the desk when you are ready to get down to serious work with it.

The device comes with a screen resolution of 2,732 by 2,048 pixels, and is able to deliver a detailed bright image which is ideal for high definition video, graphic design apps or photos. When you look at the screen of the iPad Pro in landscape orientation, it is almost twice of the size of iPad Air 2 screen in portrait orientation. This means you are able to use the split screen mode of the Pro in order to view two apps side by side without any problem. The screen is ideal for business executives who need to keep a close eye on their email inboxes while working.

The larger screen obviously would require an excellent processor to power it. This is why Apple has powered it with the latest A9X chip. The processor operates at 2.16GHz and also has a 4GM RAM. This is why the iPad Pro is able to deliver the performance of a respectable laptop on the market today.

In fact, the Pro is more than capable of running Microsoft Office, video applications and demanding graphics for that matter. The product comes with an optional Smart Keyboard, which can be purchased separately to the product.

The best part is that Apple had reinvented the pencil with the release of an optional stylus accessory named the Apple Pencil. This pencil is pressure-sensitive and works really great. In fact, it seems great for graphics and design work more than anything else. This pencil by Apple is surely going to annoy Adobe’s Ink & Slide stylus released with their iPad.

Apple iPad Pro Battery Life

The larger screen of the Apple iPad Pro places more demand on the battery life. But you need not worry because there is room inside the iPad Pro for a larger battery. The iPad Pro comeApple iPad Pros with a Li-ion battery of 38.5Wh capacity. This is a great improvement from the 27.62Wh capacity of the iPad Air 2. Apple says that the battery will last for at least 10-hours for video, music and Wi-Fi web browsing.

We tested the battery and it proves that you can get closer to the 10-hours mark for general day to day usage. But the only issue with the battery is the longer time taken  for recharging purposes. It took almost four hours to recharge after running completely flat. It even becomes slower if you need to use the iPad during the charging process. This is the only negative feature of the iPad Pro.


– A9X processor included for a greater performance.

– Attractive 12.9-inch display screen.

– Slim and elegant design.


– Long recharge times.

– Lack of USB storage options.

The large screen and improved performance make the Apple iPad Pro one of the most sought after devices for business executives, who are looking for a genuine alternative to a laptop.

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