iRULU Walknbook 3 review

There are a lot of full featured hybrid tablets to choose from, but most of these fall in the higher price ranges (We’re looking at you iPad Pro!)

The iRULU WalknBook 3 might be able to change that. Let’s take a closer look!

iRULU Walknbook 3 Technical Specs

Tablet iRULU Walknbook 3
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OSWin 10
CPUBayTrail-T - 1.33 GHz
Storage32 GB
DisplayIPS LCD - 10.1 inch
Resolution1280 x 800 px - 149 ppi
CameraFront 5.0 / Back 2.0 MP
Weight0.59 kg / 1.30 lbs
Battery life7.0 hours

Design & OS

When looking at the iRULU WalknBook 3, you are going to notice that this is certainly a product that has been able to improve a great deal with time.

If you are looking for a hybrid tablet that comes in at a wonderful price with plenty of the features that you need to tackle just about any task, this is not a brand that is going to disappoint.

This is a tablet that has a very similar build quality to that of a Samsung brand tablet, however there is the added benefit of the full power of the Windows 10 Home experience.

The construction is good and heavy and the feel of the solid button is nice and tight. As a matter of fact, the way that the iRULU WalknBook 3 feels in your hand mixed with the overall user experience makes it very similar to any of the high quality tablet/notebook computer hybrids that are available today.

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Hardware & Display

In terms of display, the 10.1 inch IPS is fully functional as well as bright and true. The computer itself shares the same processor that a lot of the competition uses in the form of the Bay Trail Z3735F ATOM, which is a 7th generation quad core.

If you are going to be using the unit for usual applications that do not call for number crunching skills, you are going to love how quick and responsive the tablet is. This will include great strides in speed for the keyboard touchpad, commands from touch and also the mouse/keyboard execution on the return key.

Overall, these Bay Trail processors are wonderfully nimble and quick if you are conquering normal workflow.

There is also a very exceptional low power draw, complete with loaded power consumption, which means that the user is going to have a lot longer time that they can enjoy on battery power.

New Featuresirulu walknbook 3

The brand new iRULU WalknBook 3 has been changing with better, improved features over some of the tablets of the past. When looking at the older version iRULU W1003, you no longer have the cover/stand with origami style that used to be the norm.

There has also been a replacement of the older keyboard section where a sturdy and high tension hinged unit, which is close to laptop style, works to hold the table in place just like a laptop holds the screen nice and steady.

There is also a much more powerful lithium-ion battery to boost battery life and an upgrade to the newest version of Windows 10 Home OS.

Looking Further At Construction

Where there used to be plastic numbs that help the keyboard and tablet together, this has now been fully reinforced using steel stubs that have locking clips. This means that when the unit is fully fitted together, it is held a lot more secure. It is still easy to take apart, but the locks remain fully functional even when attached using the hybrid laptop mode.

The screen is nice and large, coming in at 10.1 inches with full touch screen capability. While the storage could be a little bit heftier with the iRULU WalknBook 3, you still have a good way of tackling any of the tasks at hand.

The storage that is build into the unit allows for operation of the Windows 10 system along with some of the other more pertinent programs that you may need for working with some available memory left over.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this tablet can be a wonderful tool that you can take with you to work or off to school. The simple fact that this is a small tool with a lot of power will never leave you wishing that you had more.

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