Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It would seem that Microsoft has outdone itself with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. They took all the feedback they got from their previous attempt and incorporated it in a nice little package that truly rivals the competition. Even Macbook fans have to agree this replacement for the laptop is the logical next step. By building on a winning recipe Microsoft proved the perfect fusion between tablet and laptop is closer than anybody thought.

What Users Of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Can Expect

First and foremost, users who had the privilege of working on a Surface Pro 3 will notice the latest design is slightly thinner while the screen size has gone from 12 inches to 12.3. However, the all-magnesium unibody casing is still the same. One of the biggest differences has to be the increased resolution from 2,160 x 1,440 to a whopping 2,736 x 1,824, even though it wasn’t part of the feedback.

The screen upgrade is really something special, because compared to the previous version the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 looks brighter than ever.

The enhanced colors alone make it worth a second look.

But the question on everyone’s mind is rooted in the trademarked PixelSense technology and whether any upgrades can be expected in this department. The answer is yes.

It’s due to this technology that the development team was able to cut down on the thickness and bring the responsiveness to a new level. Currently the screen is capable of detecting 1,024 levels of pressure and it can be seen in a single stroke. Thanks to the quick response to touch and the Surface Pen, the experience associated with stylus has leaped into a new generation.

Something Microsoft didn’t change was the 3:2 aspect ratio and with good reason. They kept this ratio specifically to not alienate notebook users, and even though the black bars that come with watching a movie will be thicker, it reaches a middle ground for those who use it for work and those who use it for entertainment purposes.

Other aspects that have received upgrades are the Surface Pen and the Type Cover. Apart from the increased pressure detection the overall design of the Surface Pen has been made to resemble a pencil.

This was done for two reasons.

The first is for simple comfort, becausMicrosoft Surface Pro 4e the index finger can now reside just above the main function button on the flat side.

Secondly, it has a magnet which allows it to stick to the left side of the stylus. Regardless of all the technology within the Surface pen, it feels just as heavy as a typical pen and the palm detection has yet to be equaled. Designers will love it.

As for the type cover, it’s sturdier, slightly thicker and comes a lot closer to a typical laptop due to the wider spaces between the keys.

Spec Breakdown

Now, to go into the brain of this wonderful new stylus, these are the specs for the above average model.

It utilizes a 2.4GHz i5-6300U CPU and no less than 8GB of LPDDR3 Ram. The graphics run on an Intel HD 520 card while the storage capacity is limited to 256GB. In terms of weight you can expect about 1.73 pounds and it features two cameras, 8MP for the rear and 5MP for the front.

The Bottom Line

In all honesty, it can’t really be compared to rival products, because the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is in a league of its own. No, it’s not the perfect solution yet, as can be seen in the lack of ports, but it’s dangerously close to nailing the ultimate replacement for a laptop. Those who are interested should also be aware that it doesn’t classify under the “affordable” range.

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