Pipo x9 Dual OS Tablet

The perfect combination between desktop and tablet. This is what ‘Pipo’ is aiming for with its latest product. The Pipo x9 Dual OS Tablet is a power-packed device, which is certainly going to turn heads when entering the market.

This is one of those options you often forget could be possible until they pop out of nowhere. This Chinese company has put in the hard yards required to ensure the tablet functions as required and produces the quality needed. Let’s take a deeper look into what users will get with the Pipo x9 Dual OS Tablet and why it is such an exciting option at this point in time.

Scintillating 8.9-Inch Touchscreen (1,920 x 1,200 pixels)

It will capture your attention immediately upon sight. You are going to enjoy the 8.9-inch touchscreen that comes along with the tablet. It is right up in your face and the crystal clean nature of the finish is hard to beat. The balance and emphasis on all colors are evident with this tablet.

A tablet is only as good as its touchscreen and this is as response as it gets on the market. They have paid attention to the nuances at play and given this the overall responsiveness required to please those who are using it on a regular basis.

Android (Kit Kat 4.4) Or Windows 10

It is up to the user as to which direction they wish to go. It is able to switch between the two with relative ease. This gives the user far more power to work with to engage the device and maximize its potential. This is often not seen with other devices and is something Pipo has focused on.

This interchangeability makes it far easier to stomach how the tablet is being marketed as a part desktop. It is truly able to sustain the results needed to produce power and maintain consistency because of the dual OS setup.

Additional Features

You will also get 2 GBPipo x9 Dual OS Tablet of RAM along with 32 GB in storage space. This provides you with ample space to complete numerous tasks on the tablet. The device also has a Quad Core processor in the form of the Intel Atom Z3736F. It is able to generate speeds of up to 2.16GHz without a problem.

This gives it the required ‘oomph’ needed to keep going as you put more and more pressure on it. Due to its internal setup, the overall power of the device becomes to show itself.


You are going to have multiple ports to work with and this was an issue listed with the previous option, but is not the case any longer. You will be getting 802.11b/g/n (wireless), Bluetooth 4.0, and an Ethernet jack for those who prefer a wired setup instead.

You also have the ability to use four USB ports alongside with the rest of the options.

The speaker is built-in and remarkably powerful for the value you are getting. It is splendid to listen to audio through the speakers and it is able to sustain quality as needed.

Undoubtedly, the Pipo x9 Dual OS Tablet is one of those tablets, which is going to be a game changer. It has the aesthetics to go with the internal power sought after in this day and age.

Why go with a solution that won’t cut it when you have an option such as this on offer? It has the overall quality required to produce sustained results and evoke the consistency needed. All other competitors will struggle to find this sort of balance and quality on the market.

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