RCA Viking Pro 10.1 Review

As the race to create the best budget buy tablet continues the competition is getting fiercer. In this case we have the RCA Viking Pro 10.1 inch hybrid tablet and as far as first impressions go, it’s not too bad.

But can it stand up against the other heavyweights? Check out this review and find out whether it’s a tablet worth your attention.


The selling-point for the Viking Pro is no doubt the Bluetooth keyboard, which is also why you’ll hear the “hybrid” reference.

Make a note that the keyboard isn’t included. It has to be bought separately, so it’s not much of a selling point.

However, the design has some plus points. The plastic is quite rigid, and even though it feels a little cheap, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind fingerprints.

The lack of glossiness will appeal to several users. Both the tablet and the keyboard measure 9.6mm in width, which makes it very portable, but it can get a little heavy when holding it in one hand for extended periods. Chances are you’ll have to switch hands quite often, or at least switch to portrait mode for a little relief.

At the back you’ll find the reset button along with a Micro-SD slot. Just in case you’re not satisfied with the on-board space, you can add up to 128GB.

The volume button along with the headphone jack isn’t exactly in the most comfortable places, but you can only expect so much for the price.

You will also find a micro-USB and a micro-HDMI slot.

When you look at how the external keyboard fits with the tablet, you’ll get a new respect for the rather straightforward design. The two fit together through a magnet and the tablet itself can be used at many different angles and positions.

Overall it’s a pretty easy process to link the two.


The thing about budget tablets is that you can only expect so much, and unfortunately the resolution shows it here.

With only 149 pixels per inch and a 1280 x 800 resolution for a 10.1 inch screen, not everyone is going to be satisfied.

Unless you are a quality screen freak, these specs aren’t too bad.

But if you’re hell-bent on getting the best display then you might want to consider a high-end model.

Cameras And Keyboard

As you might be aware, the cameras are never really a big part of a review when it comes to tablets. In most cases it’s a novelty and nobody really pays attention.

The Viking Pro is no exception. With a 2MP rear camera you probably won’t be using it for any spectacular pictures. The front camera isn’t really worth mentioning.

The keyboard on the other hand is very nice considering the price. With 17 shortcut keys and minor changes to help it settle within a budget price range, you’ll be fairly happy.

The touch-pad is also quite decent.

Specs And Multitasking

The Viking Pro runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop software and it’s got an impressive 1.3 GHz quad core processor. Strangely enough it only comes with 1GB of RAM, which is somewhat disappointing.

This also means that your applications will run smoothly, but only if you run them one at a time.

Once you start multitasking the performance cuts down considerably.

In terms of on-board storage, you get 32GB of hard drive space, but as mentioned before, you can add a substantial amount by using a memory card. You might also consider deleting some of the pre-installed apps if you need a little extra space.

Speakers And Battery

For some tablet enthusiasts the sound is a very big factor, but there is nothing spectacular about the sound that comes from this particular hybrid. In fact, it will serve you better to use a pair of Bluetooth speakers.

The battery takes about 3 hours to charge and once you start using it you’ll get about 6 to 7 hours out of it, depending on what you want to do. When in standby mode it hardly uses any power, which is a plus point.

The Bottom Line

Okay, so it’s not the greatest tablet in the world. You want to avoid the built-in sound and taking quality pictures, but the screen size is pretty good and the design is fairly sturdy. If you look a little deeper, for example performance, it will definitely do what you need it to.

According to most users the tablet serves a very basic purpose, and for the price they are happy. At the moment it’s one of the biggest and most affordable tablets out there, so you have to let go of quality control to some extent. In fact, for people who need an expendable tablet the RCA Viking Pro 10.1 inch is a perfect choice.

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