Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 Inch

The competition for creating the best hybrid electronics is still on and Samsung wants to take it one step further. With the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 inch, they aimed to create a portable television in the form of a tablet.

As you can imagine with 18.4 inches, the screen size is incredible. But will it live up to the hype and will everyone feel it was money worth spending?

First Impressions

It’s bigger than a laptop and a tablet, but doesn’t quite reach the size of a television. It should also be noted that it doesn’t have the functionalities of a laptop, so what’s the purpose?

Basically, it caters to people who love watching videos, but don’t want to be constricted to watching it in a single place. Can you imagine lugging your big screen around the house when you feel like watching movies in bed? Then again, will you get the same experience with a small screen tablet or laptop?

The Galaxy View was made to solve this problem. You are able to carry it around while still getting a decent screen size to watch on. Whether you live in a small space or you just love to take your television wherever you go, the View is for you.

Functionality And Style

The design is definitely very functional and it comes with a separate panel at the back that bends to a 45 degree curve. In other words, it doesn’t have a problem standing upright or at different angels. However, it can’t be laid down flat, which is more of a preference than a negative point.

Regardless of the plastic that was used for the cover, it’s still relatively heavy. Carrying it around for short distances shouldn’t be a problem, but longer distances might be a little more difficult. One should also Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 reviewkeep in mind the size, because even though it’s portable it doesn’t mean it’s always mobile.

Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 Inch Specs

It’s time to get down and dirty and find out why people are spending money on this portable hybrid. For starters, it has all the functionalities of a typical tablet. The homepage might be filled with shortcuts to streaming video sites, but you will still be able to play games and use apps.

It’s got 32GB of internal storage and a slot for a SD card if you feel it’s not enough. You can also expect the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards in addition to a slot for a SIM card.

Apart from watching movies in HD, you’ll like browsing the web and playing games. It doesn’t have an exceptional processor, but it’s strong enough to keep you from losing your patience. Overall it provides a smooth experience that should come standard with a tablet.

Unfortunately there is a big flaw and it comes down to the sound. The quality of the speaker could have been better, because the sound is muffled. It doesn’t help that the speaker is placed at the back and blaring towards no-man’s land. This problem is easily fixed once headphones are plugged in, but what if you are watching with friends?

Also note that you can’t plug consoles or other game platforms into the Galaxy View, which takes away from the “television” concept.

The Bottom Line

Despite the sound and the somewhat cheap feel to the plastic panels, the Samsung Galaxy View is still impressive. Thanks to the big and colorful screen it’s easy to enjoy hours of binge watching. It handles applications very well and you won’t go through any frustration when checking emails or surfing the web.

On the downside, don’t expect an affordable price. Given the size of the screen and the functionalities it’s not really surprising that it comes with an expensive price tag.

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